Living in Harmony - Feng Shui

Balancing Energies that surround us.......... To live in Harmony, Bliss and Peace

Having spent over 20 years detecting, balancing and harmonising Universal Energies for myself, family, friends and clients to achieve a Healthier Lifestyle, I now understand how disbelief and dismissal of this information is the normal reaction for most people when I start to talk about Balancing Energies bringing about Wellbeing and Vitality.

This is simply because the media have not published this information like the normal 'doom and gloom' news we hear everyday.  

However, this information EMPOWERS YOU to CHOOSE and CHANGE - your Lifestyle, your Habits, your Environment and most importantly your SELF, to create a more robust, healthier, simpler life for you.

To WANT to change your current lifestyle because it is 'just not going right' or your health is not as robust as you would like it to be, or simply because your life may be just 'all work and no play', is the very first step.

All of these aspects / issues can be CHANGED by YOU CHOOSING to make different choices and by understanding, that you have been 'oversold and bought into' what major corporations wanted you to do.   This is where you REALLY find out what makes you 'tick', function, keeps you healthy, manifests your dreams and desires ........

Achieving a Diploma in Shen Doa Feng Shui in 1998 was my 'change' and therefore I would like to simplify exactly what Feng Shui means.  

By balancing the Energies that surround you, and also the energies of your Mind, Body, Spirit,
you attract positive new pathways to the Life you wish for your Self.


What is Feng Shui?                     

Feng Shui simply means 'Wind and Water'.

Where the two energies meet, there will be a 'turbulance' and this is energy is known as Chi.  This Chi energy can be manipulated and respected, to create a space that truly works and reflects your own goals, wishes and desires.


Information on Shen Dao Feng Shui

Shen Dao means The way of the spirit/spirit path and is the vehicle for the Feng Shui teachings formulated and developed by Harrison Kyng a third generation Bon shaman. Shen Dao style is both 'Form' and 'Compass' as taught to Kyng by his master Kim Ho.

The evolution of the system came about through Kyng's own background of Celtic, Native American and Bon experience, which led to the powerful implementation of the Shen Dao Compass, and it's uniquely successful application of energy patterns within buildings. Shen Dao Feng Shui is not a religion nor does it infringe on any persons religious beliefs
or morals.

What happens at a Feng Shui Consultantion?

It is essential to understand your needs from the outcome, therefore we discuss your wishes and any problems you are having achieving success in any area of your life.  A survey of the building is then carried out that results in a written report, I then sit down and discuss the findings, in detail with you. It is very important that I leave you fully understanding what has been detected, what is being suggested, and why.  

 A full back up service is in place for after care and I am always available to contact during office hours. 

 Aspects to consider - Energies from Above and Below affect us all

We are constantly 'under attack' from our surroundings and a Feng Shui consultation will detect any geopathic stress, electromagnetic disturbances, underground cavities/streams/wells etc and sha lines of energy from neighbouring building and surroundings that could be detremental to a persons health.

These very important aspects are priority to be 'fixed' and will be discussed first, at any consultation.  Suggested 'cures' will be strongly recommended, along with a timescale to implement them.  The cost of the 'fix' will be minimal and very easy to carry out.

Does Feng Shui really work?

Many people resist change and therefore do not implement the suggested modifications to a room/space/area, this simply means nothing is changed.  Therefore, nothing improves, nothing changes and nothing happens. Recommendations that will be fully documented in the report should be implemented to gain the desired result. Then and only then will change happen.

What will I have to change?

Colour, Space and Structure are the basic fundamentals to understand and change, in any given space. This is based on solid critea, one of which is the direction that the energy flows into the room (compass direction) via the doorway, this then determines a colour spectrum for the room.

Four, possible, basic colour spectrums will then give a vibrational rate within that room that will bring about a desired energy for the room of draining, controlling, calming or feeding.  

The fifth colour spectrum is a neutral colour that can also be applied to the room canvas for contrast and interest.  Shapes are also very important and suggestions re: colour, shapes, placement.  Different design are discussed to achieve the desired goal and wish for the individual client requirements.

De-cluttering and Cleaning

It is essential and vital to keep areas clear so that Energy can flow uninturupted in a gentle 'feeding' nature. Spaces that are untidy, dusty and piled with clutter will create stagnation and irritation, both consciously and sub consciously to the inhabitants.  Therefore, a regular clear out and vigilant cleaning practise is also essential and recommended to allow healthy Energy to flow, feed and nurture.


       Where and How to begin.........

  • DO NOT overwhelm yourself with a task that is too big to finish - this will only dishearten you.  Simply start with a chest of drawers to clear, or 'section off' a third of a room and just work on that space.  Then move to the next area.
  • De-clutter completely by selling, giving to charity, re-cycling.
  • Once cleared - throughly clean the space with non-toxic Eco substances and cleaning cloths.
  • Invest in some air purifying plants e.g. Spider plants
  • Keep the space well ventilated and aired.
  • Move onto next area - Well Done.

Invest in a Feng Shui report - Pricing
This can easily be arranged with me - Basic Full House Report or individual rooms. 

Basic Full House Report - £90

- This report will inform you of the Energies that are affecting your whole dwelling from both below ground and those which surround you.
- Suggested 'fixes' and cures will be indicated and dicussed along with time scales and how to impliment.
- From the house alignment colour suggestions will be shown for front entrance, all hallways, corridors.
- One room will be mapped to show the correct colour alignment for the room, negative/positive spaces and how to adjust  and re-arrange the spaces for maximum benefit.

Individual Room Report - £40
- One room will be mapped to show correct colour alignment, positive and negative spaces, 
how to adjust and re-arrange the spaces for maximum benefit and harmonious living.

Please feel free to call me (no obligation to book any appointment at all) to discuss Feng Shui and any questions you may have surrounding this subject - 07767 634553


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