What people say after a treatment


A friend told me about Kinesiology as I had recently felt very depressed and angry.  I contacted Su to understand more about what the treatment was about.  I was a little nervous at first, however, within a matter of minutes Su made me feel so welcome and I felt I could open up to her about how I was feeling.

I was amazed how everything worked and I went back again for another session a few weeks later.  Within a couple of days of the second treatment, my feelings of being depressed and angry felt like it had been lifted off my shoulders, I felt like I was back to my usual happy giggly self again.  The second session really did the job for me, even close friends and family have noticed the difference.

I would recommend Health Kinesiology to anyone, it is amazing, and I hope to have another session in the near future.
Beth, Reading July 2015


I went to see Su at a point where my life seemed completely stuck!
I had been turned down for jobs I should have easily got, and My self esteem was at rock bottom.
I seemed to be blocked from completing anything I wanted to do.
I had some health concerns and I was feeling very depressed.
However, the very next day after visiting Su events began to happen to push things in the right direction.
A month later, my health is the best it's been for years and I have made some really positive changes in my life.
I have a new job and with my new found confidence I was able to negotiate a salary that I am very pleased with!
Thanks Su
Joan, Reading. October 2014

I felt lighter, refreshed and could think clearer.  The next day I had more energy and felt happier about life in general - Karen, Reading


Making decisions was easier, and my head felt clearer and less 'muddled'.  Debbie, Woodley


I've suffered from IBS or so they thought for 19 years.

After trying almost every option possible, a relative of mine told me about Su and her Kinesiology.

At first I felt really sceptic, and didn't know what to believe but I guess it shows, don't judge a book by its cover. What Su has done has changed my life!

My lifestyle has changed completely, I am no longer rushing to the toilet, I feel alot more confident in myself, and I am able to do things I never could do before.

I would recommend Su to anybody, what she does is truly incredible and inspirational, Su is friendly, caring and really understands exactly what you are feeling. 

I feel like a new person! Thank you Su!  
Matt - 19 , Bracknell. Sept 2010


Little 'niggly sensations' and movement restrictions all disappeared  -  Paul, Woodley

My energy levels were much better, I felt like I had another 3 hours in my day.  Achieving everyday tasks were much more enjoyable.  I am happier and more positive. - Alison, Bracknell


Hi Su,

I saw you at the Enchanted Fayre. I had  severe dermatitis on my hands with lesions. You advised me to reduce dairy. I cut it completely that day. By Sunday the lesions had scabbed. By the following weekend they had healed and all redness had gone.

My work contract ended (a source of stress) and I had been concerned about starting up healing with Reiki again due to my hands. I have been able to start seeing clients again and to teach. Also a wonderful job has come along for me as a tarot reader after my hands healed and I can handle cards without pain. Thank you so much. This has changed my life. I'm sorry that advertising standards will not allow you to claim that kinesiology heals,  but I would highly recommend your service.  

Shodie, attended Enchanted Fayre in Wokingham.  Feb 2014


My son suffered from terrible, blood curdling nightmares for over a year are we weren't able to get to the bottom of it and tried everything.  After one session with Su, the nightmares, changed from terror to bad dreams for a couple of nights and then disappeared.  A year on we are still terror free with just the odd occasional bad dream"
"Having been feeling out of sorts for months and just not being able to shift out of what every it was.  One session has made me feel like me again, brought back the smiles and lifted the heaviness.  It has made such a difference.  thank you"
Best wishes love 
Sarah, Reading, Berkshire March 2014




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