Wellbeing and Vitality Guidleines

Everyone is individual.  Our 'needs' are specific to our own mind, body and spirit and therefore what one person will thrive on, another will not.  Health Kinesiology can assist with the individual requiremments a person may need to achieve and maintain high levels of energy, vitality and positive, vibrant wellbeing.

Having said that, I do understand people like to have a checklist of ‘what to do’ and ‘what to take’ and for that reason I would like to suggest some guidelines to consider, for improving your own wellbeing and vitality:

  • Reduce Electromagnet exposure to iPhones, Computers, iPads, FitBits etc..
  • Drink water, still, filtered water.  Ionized water oxygenates the body more efficiently.
  • Do some form of exercise daily.  Rebound (mini tramplone), walk, dance, stretch.
  • Avoid electrical appliances: computers, cordless appliances, mobile phones. Do you live next to overhead pylons, electric sub stations, in silent wi-fi zones?  All of this electrical 'dirty' energy weakens the human cellular structure.
  • Enjoy sunlight every day for at least 30 mins, to assist vibrational nutrition, bone density, Vitamin D absorption and a happier state of mind
  • Laugh lots and loudly!
  • Eat foods that are right for your BioEnergetic Body (Kinesiology sessions can assist to identify which foods promote vital energy and are appropriate and beneficial for you)
  • Buy locally grown produce, organic and seasonal goods as much as possible
  • Sleep for at least 6 – 9 hours daily
  • Meditate for a short time daily - want to learn how to benefit from 1 minute meditations and the many benefits of meditation, then give me a call for a quick chat or attend a One Day Retreat at the Global Retreat Centre nr. Oxford - no fixed charge, as the centre operates on a donation only basis.  
  • Bring Bliss into your life http://www.globalretreatcentre.org/

Download One Minute Meditations for personal use on an iPhone / iPad / Computer at www.just-a-minute.org 

Some things to consider avoiding:
•    All processed foods: biscuits, ready meals, meats, snack foods, fast foods, pastries, fried foods
•    Junk foods, soft drinks, fizzy drinks
•    Alcohol
•    Smoking
•    Caffeine
•    Hydrogenated Oils
•    High fructose corn syrups and sucrose
•    All artificial colours and flavourings
•    MSG – monosodium glutamate
•    Aspartame and all artificial sweeteners
•    White flour products and refined carbohydrates: pizzas, cereals, breads, dough
•    Sodium Nitrates
•    Homogenized products
•    Laundry products (loaded with toxic fragrant chemicals)
•    Toothpastes containing fluoride
•    Deodorants containing aluminium
•    Toiletries (loaded with toxic chemicals)
•    Cleaning products that are not Eco friendly

Things to maybe consider changing:
•    Stop fad diets
•    Stop pharmaceutical drugs
•    Change to a naturopathic doctor
•    Change to a holistic dentist
•    Change commercial cleaners, toiletries and produce to natural alternatives




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