Meditation is the easiest and yet hardest discipline to master, I hear this said time and time again, whenever I suggest people actively start to meditate.  It is however, the single most valuable discipline you could ever do for your-self, becasue it truly is, for your-self.

To sit quietly, let all thoughts stop and just be aware of the breath is so easy, yet not achievable for so many people.  We are constantly distracted by telephones, radio, computers and that's not to mention work, family and friend commitments along with everyday living and Life in general.  So, to find a moment of peace, to be still and let your brain 'stand still' is pure bliss.


 I am not going to go into lengthy explanations of how to meditate as there are numerous books, websites, CD's and DVD's you can purchase.  I can however share with you how I started, and the realisation that meditation IS INVALUABLE, and how the benefits I started to feel 'changed' me, and made me want to meditate.  It was not a chore or a special thing to do at a given time, it was something I could do, whatever I was doing.  That is the secret ........ meditation is a human be-ing, be-ing conscious.

Being fully conscious of one-self, being conscious of your thoughts that lead to actions, result in a feeling of blissful calm, a more 'in control' person, making different choices and decisions and experiencing a life that becomes more and more stress free and calmer. 

Starting Meditation - the easy way

 I suggest you visit the website below and download, for free, the One Minute Meditations (there are over 40 on the site) Download them onto your computer, iphone, ipod and listen to them a few times every day (they only take one minute!) As you start to use these meditations regularly and more often, you will notice that life becomes more bearable and easier to cope with.

Over a few days you will begin to notice how you are more relaxed, conscious and living a little less stress free.  By continually using the meditations you become more centred and calm, making better choices and feeling more energised and alive.  

Different choices create difference situations, these could be better food choices, better self care, better feelings about your-self altogether.  Everything just begins to flow, like it should, without stress, anger, fear and the madness of the 'rat race'.  You can be in the 'rat race' madness but have an Oasis of Calm within, that is what meditation achieves.

Please Note:

The Global Retreat Center is currently undergoing major plumbing works and will not be open until 2020

This meditation technique is Raja Yoga and The Global Retreat Center in Nuneaton Courtney, nr Oxford is a wonderful place to visit for a short 2 hour talks and even one day retreats / weekend retreats.  All of these courses are by donation only.    

The center is 'by donation only' and you will never be asked for money, or, emailed about events unless you choose too.  I have visited the center quite often in the past and found it a wonderful starting point when I was looking for meditation information.




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Meditation is fulfilling and enlightening 
Still the mind and 'see' who you really are - A Spiritual Human Be-ing


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