Kundalini Yoga

 Over the years I have actively taken part, and thoroughly enjoyed many different styles of yoga, namely:


......all of these styles of yoga and their disciplines, have taught me vital life lessons and served me well through each stage of my growth and understanding.

However, I now find myself aligned with KUNDALINI YOGA. It brings me a deeper connection Spiritually, whilst still offereing the physical disciplines/poses and also more focus on breath work + chanting.

I personally recommend Holly Cole - White Yoga who is one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had the pleasure to be taught by.

Holly runs regular weekly classes in Reading and Wokingham and holds a Gong Bath twice a month (New Moon and Full Moon).

Here is a link to Holly's website for full information on classes and location:


Here is a little introduction information:
What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga : Is an ancient art and technology that can bring self-awareness, personal power, inner strength and overall health. Kundalini Yoga is a secret science brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan in 1969: he was clear that the time was right to share this once highly secret technology with everybody, or what he referred to as 'householders'. Kundalini Yoga can now be done by anyone to achieve radiant and vibrant overall health.

There are many forms of yoga: Kundalini is one of them. ‘Yoga’ means to yoke or to unite: this means that yoga is a practice that aims to unite the individual with their greatest potential, their true self. 

In essence, yoga practice enables you to establish balance between your body-mind and your soul; finite to infinite.

Kundalini Yoga is one form within the yoga family: it differs from other forms of yoga in that it combines several aspects: pranayam (breathing techniques):asanas (body postures): mantras (sound vibrations):mudras (hand positions): bandhas (body locks):meditation (mental focus): and relaxation in one practice. Each class follows a set kriya or sequence of actions that the teacher does not alter.

GONG BATH Information ...........

The gong is traditionally used in the Kundalini Yoga tradition as a healing tool: it is like a primitive form of ultrasound in the fact that the sound vibrations of the gong move through your body-mind clearing blocks, releasing tension and bringing harmony to your whole body.

What does the gong do?

When we hear the word 'gong' we often think of people crashing and banging on gongs making terrifying noises: this gong-playing is nothing like that! The gong is played using a soft shamanic-like drumming rhythm which soothes the nervous system and relaxes the brain through various brain-wave states- alpha (relaxed/ daydreaming), theta (deep meditation) and delta (deep sleep). The sound waves enable deep healing and clear blockages from the body-mind; it is quite common to twitch and realign during a sound healing session, and to have vivid images arise or to feel like you are taken on a inner journey. The gong enables us to relinquish control of the thinking mind and to enable the innate wisdom of the body to return us to a state of harmony and balance. 


Visit Holly's website for all class times and dates + much more information


Contact Telephone : 0780 4251106 or 0118 931 3138


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