Health Kinesiology

A non-invasive, gentle holistic therapy, that questions the body to understand
what is needed to regain wellness and vitality. 

How does Health Kinesiology work?

Health Kinesiology uses a gentle muscle testing technique to query your body's BioEnergy System so that we can identify the energy changes necessary, to restore the balanced flow of BioEnergy.  Found by Jimmy Scott Ph.D in 1978, Health Kinesiology combines the principles of Chinese medicine with the more modern technique of muscle testing, and is based on concepts of quantum physics.
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What is BioEnergy?

BioEnergy is our natural energy that makes us alive and is sometimes referred to as Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Ancient Philosophers described its many qualities and how it is the active, principle forming part of any living thing.  

Just as Chi is said to be augmented by nurture, it can also be degraded by adverse external forces. Similarly your natural BioEnergy can become disturbed.  If you have been feeling below par it may be that your BioEnergy is out of balance.

It appears to be true that a better balanced BioEnergy system is also associated with spiritual growth. Because of the spirit/mind/body connections many people report that when they have improved BioEnergetically, they also notice that their mindset improves as well.

Balancing personal BioEnergy.
Health Kinesiology's truly holistic approach considers the entire person and can identify what is needed to balance your body's natural BioEnergy.  Health Kinesiology then uses non-invasive techniques to help restore a sense of harmony. 

Your body will actually answer back through gentle muscle testing and this is the founding principle of Health Kinesiology.



What happens in a Health Kinesiology session?
Each session last for one hour approximately and it is normal to comfortably lie fully clothed, on a treatment couch.  However, this is not essential and it is possible to carry out the session whilst you are sat up, should you have any pain or injuries restricting you from lying down.

Typically, an arm muscle is used to apply very gentle pressure and monitor its response. Information is then used by the Health Kinesiology practitioner to apply a range of balancing techniques, which can be specifically tailored to your personal goals or concerns.  

The Energy corrections are carried out by gently stimulating the acupressure points or other BioEnergy reflexes to retune the BioEnergy System.  Health Kinesiology is a gentle non-intrusive system which makes it suitable for all ages, however, young or old.

There may be a requirement for you to assist the healing process, by carrying out a small task or lifestyle change that might assist the BioEnergy rebalancing.

How will each session differ?
As Health Kinesiology addresses every person as an individual, no two sessions are ever the same, even for people with similar issues.  In a single session the Health Kinesiology practitioner may identify and rebalance BioEnergy disturbances, offering tailored information on changes in life style or diet that are caused by events that occur in life and these suggestions might assist the BioEnergy rebalancing.

Can I have other treatments whilst having Health Kinesiology?
Health Kinesiology can work alongside healthcare and medical practitioners.  Health Kinesiology does not cure anyone, it simply makes it possible for BioEnergy healing to happen.

"What we truly want, we can accomplish
Health Kinesiology can help us reach those goals"



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