Health Kinesiology for babies, children, adults and the elderly

Health Kinesiology is gentle, non-invasive and relaxing.  Therefore, people of all ages can benefit from a Health Kinesiology treatment.

Children are very responsive and can even show immediate signs of change.  They can easily be playing with toys or, a game with a parent whilst the treatment is being carried out. However, many children like to be involved with their treatments and are only to happy to join in e.g. holding a small magnet in place (see pictures below)


Here are a selection of pictures of some of my lovely clients all having a Health Kinesiogy treatment. Thank you to you all :

Babies can be awake or asleep for a Health Kinesiology session and usually happily play, gurgle and smile.



Children love to be involved with 'fun things' used in a treatment which can be crystals, essences, small magnets, tuning forks etc.  As you can see by the pictures below,they really do love to be involved!

 Florence wanted to understand "why" we were doing something, so I happily showed her pictures and information that would make it easy for her to understand. 




Amber wanted to hold the small magnets that are sometimes used in Health Kinesiology treatments, and as you can see, she did a lovely job whilst I held some acupunture points behind her legs and on her head.




Ben is very active and inquisitive but with a few toys, quick manovers and singing lots of words he is a delight and pleasure to work with.





..... even Mum's-to-be can safely have a Health Kinesiology sessions that can bring many benefits and relaxation.






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