Building a Robust Immune System

It’s what you do every day that counts 
(a few easy suggestions that may help your wellbeing and vitality)

  • Eliminate Electro Magnetic Fields from everyday life as much as possible.
  • Find time EVERY day to meditate (see Medition in the Menu Option) if you can only manage 1 minute a day, it's better than nothing at all.  It is YOUR time to connect to YOUR-SELF and re-group 
  • Drink water (filtered, still water)
  • Eat nutritious, organic, varied foods everyday (this will help to supply the body with nutritional dense foods, full of vital vitamins and minerals)Only take specific supplements that have been identified to your own body requirements 
  • Get plenty of sunshine
  • Dry skin brushing before a shower 
  • Finish a shower with a cold blast of water - very invigorating!
  • Sleep in a room with no electrical appliances to give your mind, body and spirit the chance to relax and heal.
  • Have a window open (day and night) for fresh air to circulate and clean. The body expels Cardon Dioxide when you breath out and it is therefore essential for you to breathe in clean oxygen again (you heal whilst you sleep, and the body releases many toxins from the lungs)  
  • Be mindful of what you listen to and watch on radio and TV.  
  • Cut down time on Social Media and internet Apps.
  • Make time to have a Kinesiology MOT session to stay mindful of anything that is being unbalanced by everyday life's stresses and pressures.  Prevention is better than Cure.

It is also vital to exercise...... however, with Kinesiology you can easily find out which type of exercise is appropriate and beneficial to you, as an individual.  99% of the time people are 'killing' themselves in a gym or aerobic workout, when all their body really needs is a yoga, Tia Chi class or simple stretching / walking.  What your body REALLY needs could save you a fortune and free up more time for you.

Acidic / Alkaline Foods
It is very well documented and known now that an Alkaline Diet is beneficial in many ways.  A virus, bacteria or germ just cannot thrive and multiply in an alkaline environment inside the body.  By eating a diet rich in alkaline foods, that supply the body with 80% of our daily intake, does promote more vitality and general wellbeing.  This means a lifestyle that is less prone to ailments.

There is so much I could post on this website about food and how to change, incorporate, cook and serve, that it would be overwhelming.  Food and diet is a very emotional subject for some people, and because everyone needs different foods, situations and combinations Health Kinesiology can identify which eating plan is the most appropriate and beneficial for you as an individual.  That could never be accomplished on a website as everyone's needs are individual, steeped in years of emotional situations and that need to be addressed one-to-one.

Combining the right foods and eating little and often = a nutritionally healthy body

The most nutritionally dense foods are raw and organic.  These foods hold the most vitamins and mineral content.  Seasonal foods are for a reason.  In winter, eating salads and cold foods keep the interior of the body cold, when really the body needs warming foods.  These warming foods nourish and generate heat to counteract the colder weather and keep us in good health.  However, by combining herbs and spices with cold, raw foods can be very beneficial and very healthy for the individual with a robust digestive system.  Many people who try eating a Raw Diet feel ill due 'chlling the spleen' and because their own digestive system not being strong enough to deal with huge amount of cold energy foods.  A slower transistion is needed, so building the 'strength' in the stomach and spleen is achieved first. 

Choose ‘good’ foodstuffs
“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”, not all foods are good for everyone.  You are individual and unique and therefore your diet will differ from that of other people.  Stay true to what your body is telling you, if you bloat after eating a substance then stop eating it – it is that simple.

Find out what your own personal state of health is, through Health Kinesiology and work to improve it.  Contact me for further details and advise without any obligation at all, on which steps you should take first, to improve your health (this will be initially dependant on your personal BioEnergy system)

Raw foods and cooked foods 
Until a robust digestive system is achieved some foods are more easily digested when cooked lightly - steamed.  With some foods, enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be more readily available to the body and will be absorbed more thoroughly, if lightly steamed.  Again, this will boost and maintain a healthy, robust Immune System to fight disease.  

Fried foods should also be avoided
This includes BBq’s. Charred foods should never be eaten as they are carcinogenic to the system.

Cook with Immune boosting spices
Spices support the digestion system and make nutrients more easily available to the body.  Turmeric is detoxifying and it also enhances the intelligence of the Immune Cells.  Black pepper clears the channels to enable the deeper tissue to be reached by vitamins and minerals.




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